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We are Here to Help Your Family

Giuntini Chiropractic is proud to be a registered business with the NDIS. We are registered with the NDIS under the Innovative Community Programs (0116) and are funded through the Capacity Building portion of funding. Our goal for your child is an increased level of health and wellbeing across all aspects of their daily interactions.

We combine assessments for retained primitive reflexes, altered postures while sitting, standing and walking and coordination to create our best recommendations. Therapies provided in our office include Chiropractic adjustments, exercises from The Move to Learn and The Melillo Method programs and The Interactive Metronome computer games. We use aspects of Chiropractic, Move to Learn and The Melillo Method to bring balance back your child’s body improving postures, reducing areas of pain or tension and working to integrate any retained primitive reflexes. The Interactive Metronome is used to increase movement fluency and accuracy through the use of games and visual or auditory feedback.

Care in our office works very well along side other therapies you might already be doing. Health professionals such as Speech or Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or Functional Optometrists are working toward the same goal as we would be; to improve your child’s function in areas such as social interaction, behavioural management, learning difficulties or concentration. Dr. Edna Giuntini understands the benefit of a cohesive team working together for best results.

If you would like more information about Giuntini Chiropractic and the work we do with children and families, we would love to hear from you. We have quarterly Information Sessions to introduce you to our office, our staff and our program. Please see the calendar for upcoming available dates. We can be contacted via email or phone call and look forward to helping you and your child however we can.


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